I really like the idea&the creativeness of Ms Michelle Lim on putting her unique creation on soil.It reminds us human where the ceeramics came from.Ms Lim did said to me&my friend that the purpose for this exibition was for to make people realise to be humble the way does the ceramics made from-rom soil;the ground.It doesn't mean that you are rich&have everything you can be arrogant,snobbish or disrespect poor people.You still have to be humble,down2earth&polite to people of all walks of life.My recent phrase"e is "What goes around comes around".I'm kind of obsessed with this phrase 'cause I've experienced it.If you did bad things to other people you might one day get it too.If that person didn't bear any grudges or even want a revenge with you.Then God will interfere& help to those who persevere the challenges in this world.Sigh!Sorry!I 4got that I've been nag&nag.Annoying isn't it.This was so supposed to be about the ceramics! Ahhh!!!! Sorry Ms Lim :(